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      Corus Entertainment is a well-known broadcasting company in Toronto, housing brands from Global TV, to The Edge radio station, to kid's channels such as YTV and Cartoon Network. I worked in the Digital Technology section on a team named Where's Breakfast. As a web designer I worked in a team of 4 developers and a quality assurance (QA) analyst.

      Every day at the main office along Toronto's waterfront was different. When I started there was a small backlog of work to be done. Show banners, tiles, logos and show host images needed to be created for the summer TV lineup, as well as many shows needed artwork for iTunes and the Google Play store for streaming purposes. From HGTV’s Island of Bryan, to Slice’s Married to Medicine, to Food Network’s Big Food Bucket List, to YTV’s Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, I spent many days going through still images or on-site photography to find the perfect images for either the show page on that brand’s website, or what would be album art for iTunes and Google Play streaming services.

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Disney Channel
Food Network
Global TV

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      Before I arrived the digital team was in the process of updating many of the channels websites to follow a new template created by the UX team. I was to update the Canadian Disney Channel website, using Disney Channel’s new brand guidelines and the wireframes from the UX team that was already implemented on the YTV website. Once I received the brand guidelines, full of bright colours, fun custom emojis and bold typefaces I got to work. Working on Sketch I tried different colour schemes within my options, and landed on a bright and a navy blue as primary colours, while using the ready-to-go blue and teal Disney logo. To keep this fun feeling throughout and to add more of the Disney Channel branding, I added Disney emojis of volcanoes, rocketships, stars and other doodles embedded into the background, and boxes around the headers which replicate that of what is shown on-air. This was a really fun project to work on for about 3 weeks before sending it over to the developers who coded it all to match my designs, and push it live.

        Another project I got to work on was for the Slice website. A website with a solid amount of traction, with its audience mostly women in their late 20’s and 30’s, those at Corus who work on Slice were able to score a contract deal for some cannabis-related ads. These ads were only to be viewed by people over the age of 18 by law, so an age gate needed to be created to confirm the users age before viewing pages that would show these ads. The team I was on was to implement this, so I was to design an age gate that fit Slice branding, but also worked across multiple platforms and devices. Working on the age gate with a team of developers was a great experience to be able to sit next to them to do Design QA and make sure everything ran smoothly and matched my designs to a pixel perfect degree at every state.

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