Case Study formerly Omnigon Communications LLC. (which is what I will be referring this company as for the sake of this case study) is a digital agency, delivering strategic, technical and creative solutions to leaders in sports, entertainment and media. I started in February to act as design support for a major sports client for a two week project. By my fourth month at Omnigon, I was apart of a team of 14 employees doing two website designs in a two week sprint.

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      Omnigon has 10 offices worldwide, from Los Angeles to Paris, Toronto to St. Petersburg, they have made themselves known. A few of the first projects I worked on were with the marketing team in New York City, specifically working alongside the wonderful marketing coordinator, Lauren Crupnick. Together we worked on updating Omnigon’s marketing materials, starting with 24x36” posters of client work. There were 8 posters to be made of different Omnigon clients, ranging from PGA Tour to NASCAR, all following the same layout. While I did not work on any of the projects I was creating artwork for, I was able to examine and study each project see how the pieces fit together, and then to showcase mockups of the screens that showcased the products best.
      The next marketing project I was to charge was three brochure booklets, for Omnigon as a whole, and two products they also sell additionally, Corebine and Prosuite. Each booklet was between 10-20 pages, with the two product books specifically about the advantages of the individual product for prospective clients, and the main Omnigon booklet referring to case studies of their past clients and how they were able to best serve them. While the written aspect of these booklets were ready to go, I was to create the layout, choose the best stock images, mockup screens, and iconography to represent Omnigon and the brand as a whole. This was a great challenge for me, but having Lauren just a Zoom call away to help with marketing tips and tricks, we were able to pull off some great booklets for upcoming conferences Omnigon was to attend.


     My final projects with Omnigon were to create two completely new sites, based off a priorly built site for Omnigon’s client, Legends, was One World Observatory. For these websites I worked with a team of 14, doing two two-week sprints. I was the sole designer on the team, while the rest of the team was made up of front and backend developers, quality assurance testers, project managers, and product owners, between London, New York City, and St. Petersburg. Since the sites I would be designing have already built design elements it was a matter of updating them to match the guidelines and style guides of the new sites.

      One hitch though. The Sketch file of the most updated boards for the One World Observatory was corrupt. This put me back, but I was ready for a challenge. I had to recreate many elements, including but not limited to cards that linked to different pages, banners, footer, buttons and text forms, to different breakpoints based off elements that were still existing, and off the live website. Once I had every element I needed recreated and what was already available to use, I was able to start fitting them all together with the branding of these two separate sites, sharing them with the team through Zoom, and handing off the ready boards through Zeplin for the developers. Both sites were able to launch on schedule with no issues. My time with Omnigon (now was a great stepping stone for me where I had the opportunity to work on multiple projects with different teams within the company.

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